In a world in which upstart DiY talent is flooding the gates of electronic music, a few recent voices have been so strong as to be startling. Lapalux - AKA 25-year-old Stuart Howard - is certainly one such. As singular as a brilliant artist always should be, his instinctive understanding of the atmospheric power of texture grips the ear immediately on listening. 'Nostalchic' is his debut album, mission statement, and the climax of many years of studying his craft. The amalgam of words that make the title is aptly, and perhaps knowingly chosen. The album evokes nostalgia without ever sounding nostalgic, and Howard may have had his tongue in his chic when he added the second half of the title. The album is his most focused document to date, adding his beloved R&B and soul into elements of house and hip hop, all with the trademark Lapalux finish; infectious, lopsided swing and achingly deep texture.

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24/04/2014 New York, Glasslands US Tickets
25/04/2014 Asheville, Moogfest US Tickets
26/04/2014 Claremont, Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival US Tickets
30/04/2014 Los Angeles, Low End Theory US Tickets
01/05/2014 Toronto, Tattoo CA Tickets
02/05/2014 Middletown, Eclectic Society US Tickets
03/05/2014 Montreal, SAT (Societe des Arts Technologiques) CA Tickets
06/05/2014 Denver, The Other Side US Tickets
07/05/2014 Austin, The Parish US Tickets
09/05/2014 San Francisco, 1015 Folsom US Tickets
10/05/2014 Vancouver, Fortune Sound Club US Tickets
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