Little Snake shares new Ivy Lab remix of ‘TO FIND LOVE IS TO SEEK THE END (feat. Flying Lotus)’ out now on Brainfeeder.

“Little Snake was like –  ‘Wanna do a remix? I don’t have any stems you’ll have to sample from the released version’ – which TBH was refreshingly restrictive. Loved combing through the LP looking for an irresistible hook to sample, you’re not normally allowed to do that to music from your contemporaries really.” Ivy Lab

Exploring the territory where leftfield bass and so-called “halftime” meet hip-hop – sometimes referred to as “future beats” – Ivy Lab occupy a space characterized by the coalescences of both Los Angeles and London. Currently enjoying a rich vein of form with their own production output as well as that of their 20/20 LDN imprint and events, the pair – J Fogel (Stray) and Gove Kidao (Sabre) – have tamed Little Snake and Flylo’s wild, freeform original to present a tight, focused and finely-tuned club workout.

“Ivy Lab has remained one of the most sacred acts within electronic music for me for several years,” says Little Snake. “Everything they do is carried out with such meticulous attention and style. When I asked them to remix something from my album with no stems, files, or really anything to offer I wasn’t expecting them to bite. But I’m beyond flattered they took it and did what they do best.”

The original version of ‘TO FIND LOVE IS TO SEEK THE END (feat. Flying Lotus)’ can be found on Little Snake’s debut album “A Fragmented Love Story, Written By The Infinite Helix Architect” – a sprawling masterpiece juxtaposing rhythm, tempo, melody and form that was released in May 2021. The Canadian producer, real name Gino Serpentini, has been deconstructing dancefloor norms, subverting traditional structures and refining his utterly inimitable sonic signature since 2017, spearheading a new wave of experimental producers hell bent on breaking new ground. Highly respected both by his peers and elders alike, it’s no coincidence that two titans of the avant garde: Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus, appeared on the record alongside fellow upstarts Sabroi, Tutara Peak and Shrimpnose.

Little Snake signed to Brainfeeder in 2018 after his tracks became a staple in Flying Lotus’s DJ sets, with the Brainfeeder label head describing his productions as “fkn insane”. He has released 3 EPs on the label, balancing intricacy with explosive bass weight: “YATDC” (2020), “LOST IN SPIRALS” (2019) that was informed by math rock, textural noise, acid techno and jungle; and “ENTER” (2018) which was inspired by the Gaspar Noé film Enter The Void.

His general disdain for electronic music norms and traditions has earned Serpentini praise from Billboard, Magnetic Mag, Brooklyn Vegan, XLR8R, This Song is Sick, Exclaim, Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 6 Music) and Amon Tobin who declared: “Little Snake approaches music with a reckless abandon that gives me hope for a new generation of producers.”